Tarot Project: Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles is a card of security. It is the culmination of work, either your labor or the labor of someone close to you, and you are now benefiting from that labor. In the Medieval Scapini, the Ten of Pentacles shows a fortified tower. A tree grows out front, with the family founder forming the roots, giving the tree a strong base for the branches of the family descendants to grow up tall. It is a card of home security as much as it is about work security and financial abundance.

Approaching my third anniversary with my partner, my home life does feel very secure. I have an abundance of work with marketing and serving to keep me busy, even though this is the “slow” season of the hospitality industry. My finances are actually not abundant at the moment; I will take this as a sign that I will receive an influx of cash soon, which will help feed my hungry bank account. The flow of earned money this January has been unusual; usually, the bulk of my money comes from tips, but this month a lot of my money is going to come from checks or payments, which haven’t been made yet. I also have to get back in the habit of conservative spending; I was making enough during December that I didn’t have to worry about impulse spending, but I am back to my normal income, which means budgeting and restraint.


Tarot Project: Nine of Cups

Wednesday of last week saw me a little sick with a sore throat. My partner had been sick for over a week, so it was bound to happen. At the end of the week, I jammed my toe hard enough to make it swell up big and purple. Sunday, I had a spa day at Loyly, and by the end of saunaing and steaming I felt much better. Today I finally feel mostly myself, and just went to get lots of yummy groceries.

Fittingly, the card I drew today is the Nine of Cups. The Nine of Cups represents, well, happiness. It speaks of emotional fulfillment and satisfaction. It also reminds to count the blessings of the day, because tomorrow you might draw a different card.

Tarot Project: Ill-Dignified Force

I did end up getting unexpected news from a family member yesterday. My mother spontaneously offered me some financial assistance (thank you mother). By all rights, I would think that such a windfall might be better expressed by the Nine of Pentacles, but maybe since I haven’t actually received the money yet, the Page of Cups was a better omen.

Today’s card, Force, also known as Strength, is one of the Major Arcana. Unlike the Chariot, which expresses an external productivity, Force represents an internal harmony. Force is about inner strength, control, and balance.

Reversed Force means weakness. Disharmony. Inability to balance what needs to be done. The needs of life are out of control. Perhaps there are just too many things that need to get done. Or some things are taking up too much time. As with all Major Arcana, there is a connotation of the environment to this card.

Too much to get done is definitely the feeling I had when I drew this card. I have had several days off recently, but only accomplished half of what I wanted to do. Today especially I feel like I’m not going to get done everything that I wanted, because some of the other things I have to do have higher priority and take up more time.

Just because there external factors making it difficult for my having internal cohesion does not mean that inner strength is impossible for me, though. I think this card is more a reminder to use excellent time-management skills and to not give in to self-doubt, rather than an excuse for letting my workload remain out of my control.

Tarot Project: Page of Cups

The last time we saw the Page of Cups, it was a reflection of the day I was having and the person I was being in that day. In all honesty, I’m not feeling especially spiritual, intuitive, or creative right now. I’m feeling much more muted earth. Pages indicate new beginnings, and I am launching a Facebook community for audiobook listeners tomorrow, but, while the project involves creative thought, by all rights it should be indicated by a wands card. Maybe an unexpected message will come my way? I think I’ll take a “wait and see” approach with this card.

Tarot Project: Ill-Dignified Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands is the Lord of Oppression, which seems an odd name for this card. It represents the sometimes costs of unexpected success. Unmanageable demands on time and production. Stress.

Ill dignified, it means there are burdens the querent is holding on to that they don’t need to, or has unnecessarily assumed a burden. The situation is not demanding very much of them, but they are stressing about it anyway.

On the Scapini Ten of Wands, a man leads a donkey burdened with the fruits of his labor down a road to market, but brigands lie in wait. Reversed, the brigands are at the top of the card, insinuating that one reading of the ill-dignified Ten of Wands is that the querent has assumed the role of the brigands, and is out to ruin the success of others out of envy.

As I am not currently trying to destroy anyone, I will assume that it means I am unnecessarily stressing about things, which is probably true. I never get done as much as I want to, even when I’ve had a very productive weekend (which I had). Time doesn’t wait, however, so I gotta hustle, no matter what the tarot says!

Tarot Project: King of Cups

The King of Cups sits on a throne with monuments and masterpieces of art around him, an angel at his back shading his head. He is the epitome of culture, emotion, creativity, and the unconscious. He is a mediator between god and man, the subconscious and the conscious. He is balanced between awareness of his feelings and control of his actions.

I wrote yesterday about my new position with AudaVoxx, and I feel that this is an indication that I am on a positive journey in my life. I am still transitioning, but the steps I have taken have done a lot toward balancing my mind and emotions. I feel more productive and purposeful.

Additionally, as winter nears its end my seasonal affectedness will dissipate, though the worst will come around the equinox. But I already feel less monkey mind chatter, and returning to a workout routine is helping to sync my body’s processes again.

Tarot Project: Eight of Cups

Working in a hotel restaurant, the holiday season is our busiest time of year. This should be no surprise to anyone, but, at the same time, it most likely doesn’t register completely for those who don’t work in the service industry. During the slow season, for example, I might be scheduled to work four days and only work three. During the holiday season, on the other hand, I jump up to working six days a week. Even with scheduling every available employee as much as possible, there are still some days where we are simply short-staffed to deal with the sheer volume of people. Knowing this, I should have decided to take a break on writing for the Tarot Project for the month, but I wanted to tough through it. Obviously, that didn’t happen.

Moving on, today’s card is the Eight of Cups, the Lord of Abandoned Success. We’ve seen this card pop up before, part of a theme of transition and my feeling a need for deeper meaning in life. Since the last time I drew this card, I have accepted a new position as Marketing Director for AudaVoxx, an audiobook newsletter that offers curated suggestions to its subscribers. It is work that will allow me to use my love of books to enrich the publishing industry by growing a much needed service. Seeing the Eight of Cups again, I hope that it is acknowledging I have proceeded toward transition, even if there is personal growth yet to be made.