Tarot Project: King of Wands

I ended up contributing to a Kickstarter yesterday for Mutant Year Zero: Genlab Alpha, a stand-alone expansion for an RPG some friends and I enjoy. After drawing the Six of Coins, I took it as a caution not to overextend myself, and so did not pledge as much money as I was tempted to. The restraint was probably for the best.

Today is the King of Wands. The King of Wands is less the creative aspect of fire, and more the passion and leadership side of the element. The person symbolized by the King of Wands has a vision for how to change the world. They pursue their goal with ambition and determination, and they inspire others to help them reach their goal. There may be challenges, but the King of Wands enjoys challenges and has confidence they will overcome.

As a Leo, I certainly work toward this positive aspect of fire signs, and try to embrace the confidence and determination of the element. While I’ve had some knocks in the self-confidence department over the past year, I feel like my confidence is coming back, and I hope this card represents my ability to push through to achieve my dreams.


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