Tarot Project: Ill-Dignified Six of Coins

About a week and a half ago, I posted about how I was finally feeling normal again. While that was true for that day, since then I have continued to feel sick, the tail end of my cold lingering and lingering. I have also been more busy than usual. Often by the end of the night I have time to do a reading, but that doesn’t work when the card is supposed to foretell what the day will be about. And then there are those who have told me not to waste my time on this. Still, while I haven’t been able to maintain my goal of writing blog posts every day, I don’t want to give up early.

In that mindset, today’s card is the Six of Coins, which represents charity. The querant may be either the giver or the receiver in this card. If it is dignified, it means there is a balanced flow of money. The giver is able to afford the charity, while the receiver will use the charity to get back on its feet and eventually repay the giver. Ill dignified, it means that the flow is somehow unbalanced. Possibly the giver cannot afford their own generosity, perhaps the taker has no plans to repay the gift and merely lives like a leech.

While I used to be very charitable, I was unable to afford the loss of income, and so have curtailed almost all of my giving, trying instead to not live in debt. Conversely, when I was being very charitable, I also couldn’t sustain myself, and so had to oftentimes live off the charity of others. Now, more or less I’m independent. So, the immediate meaning of this card is not clear to me, but it is a good caution to keep in mind, never-the-less.


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