Tarot Project: Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles is a card of security. It is the culmination of work, either your labor or the labor of someone close to you, and you are now benefiting from that labor. In the Medieval Scapini, the Ten of Pentacles shows a fortified tower. A tree grows out front, with the family founder forming the roots, giving the tree a strong base for the branches of the family descendants to grow up tall. It is a card of home security as much as it is about work security and financial abundance.

Approaching my third anniversary with my partner, my home life does feel very secure. I have an abundance of work with marketing and serving to keep me busy, even though this is the “slow” season of the hospitality industry. My finances are actually not abundant at the moment; I will take this as a sign that I will receive an influx of cash soon, which will help feed my hungry bank account. The flow of earned money this January has been unusual; usually, the bulk of my money comes from tips, but this month a lot of my money is going to come from checks or payments, which haven’t been made yet. I also have to get back in the habit of conservative spending; I was making enough during December that I didn’t have to worry about impulse spending, but I am back to my normal income, which means budgeting and restraint.


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