Tarot Project: Ill-Dignified Force

I did end up getting unexpected news from a family member yesterday. My mother spontaneously offered me some financial assistance (thank you mother). By all rights, I would think that such a windfall might be better expressed by the Nine of Pentacles, but maybe since I haven’t actually received the money yet, the Page of Cups was a better omen.

Today’s card, Force, also known as Strength, is one of the Major Arcana. Unlike the Chariot, which expresses an external productivity, Force represents an internal harmony. Force is about inner strength, control, and balance.

Reversed Force means weakness. Disharmony. Inability to balance what needs to be done. The needs of life are out of control. Perhaps there are just too many things that need to get done. Or some things are taking up too much time. As with all Major Arcana, there is a connotation of the environment to this card.

Too much to get done is definitely the feeling I had when I drew this card. I have had several days off recently, but only accomplished half of what I wanted to do. Today especially I feel like I’m not going to get done everything that I wanted, because some of the other things I have to do have higher priority and take up more time.

Just because there external factors making it difficult for my having internal cohesion does not mean that inner strength is impossible for me, though. I think this card is more a reminder to use excellent time-management skills and to not give in to self-doubt, rather than an excuse for letting my workload remain out of my control.


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