Tarot Project: Ill-Dignified Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands is the Lord of Oppression, which seems an odd name for this card. It represents the sometimes costs of unexpected success. Unmanageable demands on time and production. Stress.

Ill dignified, it means there are burdens the querent is holding on to that they don’t need to, or has unnecessarily assumed a burden. The situation is not demanding very much of them, but they are stressing about it anyway.

On the Scapini Ten of Wands, a man leads a donkey burdened with the fruits of his labor down a road to market, but brigands lie in wait. Reversed, the brigands are at the top of the card, insinuating that one reading of the ill-dignified Ten of Wands is that the querent has assumed the role of the brigands, and is out to ruin the success of others out of envy.

As I am not currently trying to destroy anyone, I will assume that it means I am unnecessarily stressing about things, which is probably true. I never get done as much as I want to, even when I’ve had a very productive weekend (which I had). Time doesn’t wait, however, so I gotta hustle, no matter what the tarot says!


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