Tarot Project: Five of Cups Revisited

A little late today, but here we go. We have . . . the same card as yesterday.


I think my interpretation yesterday was accurate. I was not as productive yesterday as I wanted to be, despite warning myself that might be the case. I did try to keep in mind the things I had accomplished, as the card suggested, so I didn’t become inanimate from guilt.

While my mind did take journeys to the great regrets of my past, I think these sojourns were prompted by the card itself, and didn’t represent any external reminders or internal bubbles.

Flash forward to today, and here I was, lying on the couch, feeling disconsolate because I wasn’t super motivated today. So, another gentle reminder from the tarot to not lose myself in regret, but to push forward. To not get so caught up in what I haven’t done, but to figure out what I can do with the time I have.


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