Tarot Project: Five of Cups

Today I drew the Five of Cups, a card connected to loss and regret. An old man at death’s door looks back on the mistakes of his childhood and wishes he could take them back, forgetting that the lessons he learned from his mistakes gave him many blessings.

I think everyone has regrets, and there are certainly a lot of situations to which I could attach this card. However, in context of the question “What will my day bring?” I think reaching to these longstanding regrets is too broad an interpretation.

As an alternative reading, I can already tell that I am not going to get everything done today that I want to, and as this is my last day off till Saturday I might be tempted to regret and blame myself for not prioritizing my time better. The Five of Cups might suggest to not weigh myself down with unnecessary guilt, but to focus on everything that I can and will get done.


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