Tarot Project: The Devil

I suffer insomnia sometimes, and after a week of taking NyQuil so I could sleep at night with my cold, going to sleep without it was very hard. I’m sure I laid in bed for a good hour and half or more without being able to sleep. Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep normally tonight.

I was having breakfast this morning (well, around noon), right before I was going to draw my card for the day, and then go to the gym, when my partner called asking me to help him pick up the newest printing of the literary magazine he runs. So, I had to delay my day’s plans till now.

I don’t often see the Devil in my readings. For those unfamiliar with Tarot, the Devil is not a scary card. Like the Death card, it doesn’t truly represent the force depicted on the card. It would be truer to say the Devil card is really the card of Pan or Bacchus. It is the card of material things and sex. It has the danger of hedonism, but can also mean fruitfulness and pursuing wealth as a means for stability and power over one’s own life.

Given how I live, I doubt I’m in danger of hedonism, but perhaps the Devil card suggests that I shouldn’t let my pursuit of financial security bind me into a slave. I need to remember to give my spiritual side sustenance, and not just look after my material comforts. I think that’s a tricky balance for anyone to walk.

By the way, the Ten of Swords did resolve itself as I hoped. I finally got in touch with Navient and got my payments rearranged to an affordable level, till I can find a job in my graduate profession. So, as the card suggested, the feeling of despair was soon to meet its end. I think pulling the Ten of Swords actually gave me the motivation to handle the situation more assertively and get it taken care of more quickly; which, I suppose, is how tarot is supposed to work.


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