Tarot Project: Ten of Swords

I was called off work yesterday, so I took the entire day off of everything. It was lovely. I think I finally kicked the cold I’ve had stubbornly clinging to me for the last week. I also am in the midst of what is now a three day weekend, so I have some time to rest up, get chores done, and get back to my creative projects.

Today’s card is an unpleasant card. The Ten of Swords is a card of misfortune and pain. It can be associated with betrayal. The sword hilts on the Scapini tarot card look like the Roman senators fresh from stabbing Caesar to death. Outside forces have brought down ruin. This card is often associated with feeling like a victim: powerless.

I’ve said this before, but I’ll iterate that swords are a card of the mind, and this card more represents what the querent thinks about the issue rather than reality (though the two might tell the same story). There is also some hope in this card, that the worst has come as is done. This particular trial is over, and some good may even come out of it.

Having been notified that my student loan paperwork was “never received,” Navient has shown no interest in helping me correct the problem, so this is certainly where my mind is at today in regards to my student loans. I’ll be sending in my third application for income-based payments; hopefully these don’t get lost as well. If the optimism of the card shows true, then the third time, as the saying goes, might be the charm.


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