Tarot Project: Four of Wands

Today we see a card we’ve seen before, the Four of Wands, though last time the card was ill-dignified. Now we see it in its full glory, all four elements working in harmony and celebration. A card of power, triumph, and completion.

Yesterday my card was the Six of Cups, a warning that we reap what we sow. I took that to mean that I should prepare for our big media event at work today. Normally, I would say that the suit of wands doesn’t fit my day job, because it’s more about the money than about the passion, but our tea service is something that I’ve been wanting to see at my work for a while now, and which I’m really excited about. So, I will take the Four of Wands as a sign that the studying I did last night will pay off today, and that the media event will be a big success.

I’m actually about to get ready now and leave. Wish me luck!


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