Tarot Project: A Message of Change

Well, my tarot deck threw some cards at me today. A spread of four: Page of Swords, Ace of Cups, Two of Cups, and Five of Wands. Maybe it is of the opinion that I haven’t been listening well enough, and so need some more in-depth guidance?

The Page of Swords, like all Court Cards, can mean an individual, but the Page of Swords can also indicate a message of change. Given the theme of my other readings, I feel like change is what this card is trying to convey today. The Page of Swords also indicates an idealistic person, with lots of plans for new projects and the energy to invest in them. It cautions, though, that life isn’t only made of new projects. A person needs commitment to finish old projects, even despite obstacles.

The Ace of Cups is the font from which water magic flows: emotion, fertility, relationships, creativeness, dreams. It is a card of beginnings and potential.

The Two of Cups represents synergy, the power of multiples working as one, and balance. It is also a card of new beginnings.

Five of Wands is a card of struggles and symbolizes the need to overcome obstacles in pursuit of your passions.

I recently started a new project (as in yesterday). In context of the cards together, I feel that this reading is addressing this new project. It acknowledges that I have a lot of energy for it, but the energy of fresh inspiration won’t last. I think it also cautions that I should balance working on my new project with also working on my old projects, and not neglect things I have already begun.

Okay. It’s good advice, I’ll grant the cards that.


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