Tarot Project: Seven of Coins

To touch back on yesterday’s card of the inverted Two of Coins, I did not see its effects immediately in yesterday’s events. Normally, I would think that it was indicating I needed to spend more time with family, but I took yesterday off work to have Thanksgiving observed with my family, and it was a lovely day.

Yet, Sunday’s Five of Coins and today’s Seven of Coins seem to share the same theme of struggle. The Seven of Coins is a fraught card. It can mean that a long labor is finally coming to an end, but it can also mean that the reward for all your work was not worth the effort. Combined, these three cards seem to indicate that my dedication may be misplaced, and I am spending my energy in ways that will not make me financially solid.

I have a theory. I have been struggling with my student loan provider, Navient, to reconsider the amount of my monthly payments. Frankly, while I can afford all my other bills, the amount of money they want is beyond my means. I am still paying them what I can, but it is not the full amount. I have applied for income-based payments, but have not received a response yet, and Navient’s customer service has never been great. Well, they are getting sued for cheating their student loan holders. So.

Perhaps the tarot has been referring to that. Maybe I’ll finally hear back about a new payment plan after having reminded them about it. If that is what the Seven of Coins is foretelling, though, I fear that either they will say I don’t qualify, or even the reduced payments will be a stretch for my income.


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