Tarot Project: Ill-Dignified Two of Coins

First of all, I apologize for not posting the past two days. It is not because I forgot (which is a relief to me). I had time set aside both days for my tarot reading, but once I was up and about events conspired against me. My activities either took longer than expected, or I had unexpected favors come up which took me away from my writing time. They were logistical failures, not failures of the mind.

Second, a reflection upon Sunday’s reading, the Five of Coins. The Five of Coins, as I understand it, is supposed to foretell hardship in regard to finances. This did not happen on Sunday. How do I react to this? Three possible responses come to mind:

  1. Tarot is purely random. In a deck of randomly shuffled cards, some are bound to seem accurate to the reader, while others will of course have no connection, even if the cards have very generalized meanings. The cards don’t really foretell the future, and this shows that. While I can certainly understand anyone who would take this view, it is not my view, mostly because of past experiences I’ve had with tarot.
  2. I was distracted while shuffling. If you are of the opinion that tarot reads a person’s energy, and then translates that energy into divinatory magic, being mentally distracted while shuffling, when you are supposed to be focused solely on the question, can lead to a flawed reading. For example, the two readings I did while I was sick felt a little off to me, though not completely inaccurate, and it could be because my energy was so low and out of whack.
  3. I misread the card. Everything I’ve read on tarot suggests that the Five of Coins means financial hardship; however, there is a distinction between wands and coins that comes into play here. Wands refers to a person’s career if it is something they are passionate about; jobs worked just to have a source of income are actually ruled by coins. With this in mind, the card could have been read as: the reader will experience hardship with finances or at work. Now that definitely did occur; Sunday was a rough day and nothing came easily. I had to stay much later than usual in order to help the bar, who were foundering in the midst of a pre-Timbers rush.

In terms of this project, the third option is the most useful, and, personally, with the revised reading of the card, I think fits really well.

Today’s card is the Two of Coins, inverted. The Two of Coins symbolizes a need for balance. This could be a balance of work and family, or it could be balancing money and bills. There are distractions that can upset the querent’s finances or their ability to  maintain a project or job. The inversion suggests recklessness on the querent’s part. The querent is indulging in the distractions instead of paying attention to the needs of the moment.

Hm. On the heels of the Five of Coins, here’s another one that I’m not sure how to apply to my life. The inability to maintain a project would make me think that this is snarky comment by my deck for not doing a reading for two days (which would so be its style), but as this project is not financial in nature, it should be governed by the suit of wands. I will wait and see how this plays out.


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