Tarot Project: Nine of Coins

I am up early today.

Well, I am up early for me today. The morning shift at my restaurant starts at 6 a.m., so, at least that’s not me. I am still up earlier than I was expected (or wanted), but apparently my body and my mind are not on the same page about the amount of sleep needed last night. At least I’m being productive with it and not just lying in bed. I already finished the book review I’ve been working on for a few weeks (I read ebooks so slooooowly).

The Nine of Coins is the Lord of Material Gain. A man walking a wandering path has lost his valuable ring. A woman coming from the other direction carries a falcon, indicating perception. She will find the ring and be wealthier for it.

This card foretells unexpected income. It does not have to be accidental, like with the woman and the ring, it can be a payoff for previously invested work.

Considering I work tonight, maybe I’ll earn more than I expect. Maybe I’ll receive a very generous tip. Maybe it will be something completely unexpected; maybe I won the lottery! Oh wait, I’d have to buy a ticket for that to happen, wouldn’t I?


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