Tarot Project: Four of Swords

A migraine came upon me last night and rendered me useless for most of it. I went to bed early, and woke up still feeling the distended reality of a migraine. This is unusual for me: usually my migraines only last a few hours and are gone with sleep. So I took some headache medication and went back to bed till the world and the pressure equilibrium in my head righted themselves.

Fittingly, today’s card is the Four of Swords, a card of rest and healing. The suit of swords represents the realm of the mind, but also contains a lot of conflict. The number four brings stability and relief from the conflict. Whatever struggles the querent faces are still waiting to be fought, but the querent needs this time to recover from past battles and to build up strength to return to their quest.

So today I rest (besides dishes and laundry and reading). Tomorrow I return to the fight.


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