Tarot Project: Two of Wands

Good morning everyone. I have to go pick up my car, so I wanted to make sure I did this first before I forgot again. Apparently there’s nothing wrong with my car, it was just too cold to start. So, yay not having to pay to fix it.

Today’s card is one of those that jumped out at me, so my deck thinks this one is extra important. As a reminder, wands are the suit of passion, which can mean inspiration, creativity, or career. The Two of Wands has the title of the Lord of Dominion. If the Ace of Wands represents pure creative energy, the Two of Wands is that potential given form and a task. The querent has tamed their passion and harnessed it. They know what they want and how to get it. It can represent a recent choice, and the querent is at the head of the path ready to begin. Or it can represent the end of the path, and the earned success it has brought.

This card indicates that I have started the process of change foretold by the weeks’ previous readings. It is encouragement that I have made the first step down the right path, and if I continue with it I will eventually manifest the change I want to see.

I think this might be referring to some of the jobs I applied for yesterday, and is encouraging me to keep up the job hunt momentum.


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