Tarot Project: Ill-Dignified Wheel of Fortune

Let me tell you a story. Yesterday, Philip referenced a company I failed to get a job with. He was making a suggestion and trying to be helpful, but it put me into a shame spiral and all I could feel for most of the night was hopelessness. Thinking back onto yesterday’s card of the Eight of Cups, the emotionality of the experience seems to coincide nicely with the reading. I felt a pressing need to do something to shake up my life; however, had I not drawn that card earlier in the day, would I have been so sensitive to Philip’s suggestion and had such an emotional reaction? Did the card foretell the event, or create it? One reason I am always very cautious with divining is because a person can make a reading come true, for good or for bad.

Perhaps because my mind is still hung up with thoughts of yesterday, it’s no surprise that today’s card is another presaging change, and one that we’ve seen before. As a reminder, the Wheel of Fortune is a Major Arcana, and betokens major life forces coming together to manifest change. Ill dignified, the Wheel acknowledges that there are also forces working to prevent the change. But change is inevitable, and the resistance will only delay it.

It’s nice to know that my deck is reliable, even if it is sometimes a one-note harpy.


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