Tarot Project: Eight of Cups

Good morning everyone! I have work shortly, so I’m having to do a tarot reading pre-tea. My apologies if anything I write turns out to be gobbledygook or if I fall asleep while aldkfoijjw . ‘

Huh? What? Sorry, dozed off there. Today’s card is the Eight of Cups. I don’t think we’ve seen a lot of those so far. The element for the suit of cups is water, and it represents emotions. When reading cards from the cups suit, it’s important to remember that these show what the querent feels about a situation, and not necessarily what will come to pass.

The Eight of Cups is also known as the Lord of Abandoned Success, and indicates a point of transition. The querent is dissatisfied with their lot in life. Maybe they have had some success, but it hasn’t been what they thought it would be. The Eight of Cups shows a desire to walk away from the established life to find something new, something that will fulfill the querent more deeply. It can indicate the beginning of a spiritual journey.

Now I don’t know about other tarot readers out there, but my deck gets a little snarky sometimes. Like, I ask about what my day will hold, and it gives me a reading about how I feel about life. And then belabors the point till I do something about it. I can’t tell you how many readings I’ve done where the message felt like, “You already know what you’re supposed to do, so why are you even asking me?” So, we have yet another reading about the need for transition, and may very well keep getting readings on this theme until I do something about it. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do about it, but I’ll figure it out.


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