Tarot Project: Four of Coins

Well, I finally did it. I forgot yesterday to do a reading. Whoops. It was bound to happen eventually. Now we’ll never know what would have happened! Except for my having lived it, of course.

Today’s card is the Four of Coins. Coins represent matters of finances, and the Four of Coins is also known as the Lord of Earthly Power. It indicates stability in regards to money. This can be established stability, or an upcoming new success. There can also be an implied stasis: life is comfortable, and the querent fears change may upset the balance. Security may be holding the querent back.

I do not make a lot of money, but I can pay my bills (for the most part, student loan monthly payments are just ridiculous these days). I do not have money to grow, though; no extra to put into savings for a house or as protection against emergencies. Nor am I in the career I want to be in.

I feel like the cards are pushing me to action. I have drawn the King of Coins several times, and while he is steady, he is slow. The cards have foretold a necessary change more than once, but indicated it has been delayed. I feel like I’m receiving a metaphysical kick in the butt here. Maybe I should act on it.


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