Tarot Project: Ill-Dignified Ten of Wands

Today’s card is the inverted Ten of Wands, also called the Lord of Oppression. The Ten of Wands indicates the risks of doing a job well. The art for my card shows a man carrying goods along a road, but lying in wait are bandits waiting to rob him. The results of his labor maybe too much for the man to handle. This card usually indicates success, possibly a recently completed project, but the demands of success are costing the querent more than he realized they would.

Inverted, the card can indicate the querent is choosing to burden himself unnecessarily. It calls for self-introspection. A period of cleansing of unnecessary worries and tasks might be needed.

Growing up, my dad held us to a strict work ethic. If we were healthy enough to stand, we were healthy enough to go to school. At least, this is how I remember it. It’s a mentality that has served me well; but, as with all things, sometimes I push it too far and work when I should call out sick. I feel like this is what the card is telling me. When I contemplate calling out for any reason, I think about my coworkers being left with more work in my absence. I don’t want other people to suffer from my not being able to do my fair share; however, I need to remember that if I give my work enough warning they should be able to find a substitute. I shouldn’t expect myself to solve all problems alone.


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