Tarot Project: Ill-Dignified Queen of Coins Part II

I hate to say it, but yesterday’s reading has me confused. I’m still not feeling well, but I don’t feel spectacularly worse, so I don’t know that working really sabotaged my health. I feel like that might have been a little bit of a stretch for the reading, anyway. It was a training shift and we got done earlier than expected, so I had plenty of time to eat, clean the house, and work on D&D stuff for game night. So I don’t feel that work that day made me unprepared to spend time with friends.

Honestly, my partner Philip is the one who is being overwhelmed with work. I barely saw him at all yesterday. For just one of his classes he has to create 50 art pieces over the course of the term. On top of his classes, he’s the managing editor of Pathos Literary Magazine. So, looking back on the day, my best guess is that the card refers to him, and, more specifically, about his absence in my day. Usually he roleplays with the group, but he was unable to hang out with our friends because he was too busy.

Fortunately, this is a temporary imbalance resulting from his being in school, and it being near the end of the term. I look forward to having him back around mid December.


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