Tarot Project: Ill-Dignified Four of Wands

Sorry for the late post today, I’m not feeling very well. My goal is to get some housework done and cook some food, but so far my great achievement today is writing this post. Before this, my best achievement was staying awake for longer than a couple hours. One of the negatives of working in the service industry is that you tend to be around sick people a lot.

Today’s card is the Four of Wands, inverted. The Four of Wands is also known as Lord of Perfected Work. It indicates stability, triumph, completion, and harmony. The Four of Wands usually heralds either and important milestone or the end of a project. It can also have connotations of marriage, romance, and a happy home life.

The inverted Four of Wands delays and complications. Something is disrupting the creative flow. It can indicate a period of unstable transition. Or, if linked by other cards, could indicate stress in a relationship.

There certainly seems to be a theme of delay and transition in my cards lately. This Four of Wands could be speaking about the same subject as the others, foretelling a major change coming up. Unlike some of the other readings, though, Four of Wands, even inverted, has more of a connotation of things resolving in a positive way. So, that’s uplifting.

It could also refer to my not feeling well. Being sick is disrupting my energy. It inhibits my ability to begin, continue to work on, or finish projects. If looked at in terms of the question: “What will my day bring?” I think this would be the more logical answer, but the repetition of slow transformation in the cards seems to indicate that it’s part of a larger picture.


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