Tarot Project: Knight of Cups Part II

Tomorrow will come early, as I have work in the morning, so I best be getting to bed soon. As a reminder, this morning’s card was the Knight of Cups, which could possibly have one of two meanings:

  1. Someone who is intelligent and dreamy would have a big impact on my day
  2. Or new opportunities will present themselves

Of course, I forgot in my previous post that there is always a third option with court cards, that it’s referring to a part of my own psyche, and that I will manifest as the person who is intelligent and dreamy. I think this is actually what the meaning of the card was. No individuals with water birth signs appeared to affect my day, and I didn’t notice any new opportunities (though one of my favorite magazines to submit stories to is on hiatus, sad); however, I did spend my day being creative and in the writing dream state, engaging my creativity to pursue my chosen quest. So, upon reflection, I think the Knight of Cups was me.

That’s all for tonight. Goodnight everyone, and I hope you have inspiring dreams.


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