Tarot Project: Knight of Cups

Good morning everyone! Seems like I can’t function anymore before my first cup of tea. Yes, tea, not coffee. Coffee’s like rocketfuel, I only drink it when I need to escape Earth’s gravitational force.

Today’s  card is the Knight of Cups. His other titles are Lord of the Waves and Waters, and the King of the Hosts of the Sea. Cups is the suit of water and emotions. Knights cards have the fire attribute, so the Knight of Cups is “fire of water.” Knights also are linked with quests and movement.

Knights, even more than the other court cards, can be a metaphorical symbol, rather than an actual individual. So the Knight of Cups might represent a person with brown hair and blue eyes with a water birth sign who is intelligent and friendly, but who’s a daydreamer. Or, the Knight of Cups might represent opportunities: a new quest is ready to be embarked upon. The fire in the card indicates readiness for creativity, the water in the card indicates the need to be informed by the subconscious – dreams, emotions, intuition.

Again, normally I would find clarity by referring to the cards surrounding it, but that’s not an option in this case. I am planning on being creative today, so maybe that’s what it refers to. I will let you know tonight how it all works out.


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