Tarot Project: Ill-Dignified Lovers Part II

Looking back on the day, there are two ways in which I could see that the Lovers card applied.

  1. I have enough on my list of things to do at the moment that I’m feeling intimidated. I’m having trouble starting on projects; while I still get stuff done, there’s so much internal debate on what to do first that I procrastinate a lot. This morning was definitely one of those mornings.
  2. As most couples do, Philip and I get into disagreements about household chores, and this afternoon was definitely one of those days. While not a heated argument by any means, I was having trouble communicating and so internalized a lot of what I was feeling, which really made my head feel staticky till I got to work and shook it off.

I have a feeling that the Lovers card referred more to the second incident, but the feeling of disruption was certainly pervasive throughout the entire day. I’m hoping tomorrow I pull a happier, or at least more productive, card.

Cheers and goodnight for now!


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