Tarot Project: Ill-Dignified Temperance Part II

Well, I certainly haven’t gotten a lot done today, though it didn’t have much to do with my friend that’s in from out of town. Work was crazier than expected; in fact, it felt like one of the most out-of-control Sunday shifts I’ve worked in a while. We had a lot of reservations, an 18 top during the busiest part of the day, and a lot of people coming in before the Timbers game. We also weren’t scheduled a busser, like we normally are, and the host was trying to train someone new. Definitely an off-balance day, and we definitely didn’t hit the mark for where our customer service normally is. All in all, I’d say the card read true, it just wasn’t referring to the part of the day I thought it was. It was also more intense of a force, which I guess I should have realized it would be, since it was a Major Arcana.


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