Tarot Project: Ill-Dignified Lovers

Befitting the card of Gemini, the sign of the twins, The Lovers has a dual nature. It refers to partnerships, but this can mean actual relationships or it can mean the partnership between conscious and subconscious. An ill-dignified Lovers card is one of my least favorite cards, because it means unpleasant conflict. The partners are not getting along, they are not communicating, and their disagreement is really disruptive. As with all Major Arcana, The Lovers implies that there are external factors involved.

Normally, I would ask for clarification from the deck to try and determine which aspect of my life was going to be impacted by the card, but that – at least for now – is not part of the tarot project. So, without having more to go on, I can only say that it might refer to disharmony at work tonight, I might have some internal crisis today, or I might get into a fight with someone I’m close to. Fun!


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