Tarot Project: Ill-Dignified Temperance

Day one of my tarot card project. First off, a couple things I believe about the nature of tarot, which are important to keep in mind during any card reading:

  1. Tarot doesn’t show the future, it shows the path a person is on. Directionality, rather than inevitability.
  2. As such it is possible for a person to change their path at any time, especially if they know and understand the road they are currently on.

I also want to lay out a few expectations:

  1. Usually a tarot reader uses a spread of cards to answer a question, specifically targeted toward that question. Using only one card will most likely provide only very general comments, even for tarot.
  2. Tarot requires focus during the shuffling to transmit the question to the cards. I am not always the most awake right away, so this may or may not effect the reading of the cards, heh.

The reading:

Temperance is one of the Major Arcana, meaning it’s more of an archetypal force than an individual force. The Minor Arcana relate personally to the querant: swords are about what the person thinks, cups are about what the person feels, coins are more about a person’s finances. Major Arcana are external forces impacting on the querant.

Temperance, as its name suggests, is a card about good management. It’s not necessarily about restraint, but about balance.

Ill dignified, it means that the querant’s day will be out of balance. Possibly an inability to focus. It is ruled by Sagittarius, the hunter; ill dignified, Sagittarius represents chasing without achieving one’s goal.

I interpret this card to mean that I will not be very productive today in the things that matter to me. I begin the day with my paying job, which can take a lot out of me, and a friend is in town, so my energy will probably be invested elsewhere than in making progress in my projects.


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