Tarot Project: Four of Wands

Today we see a card we’ve seen before, the Four of Wands, though last time the card was ill-dignified. Now we see it in its full glory, all four elements working in harmony and celebration. A card of power, triumph, and completion.

Yesterday my card was the Six of Cups, a warning that we reap what we sow. I took that to mean that I should prepare for our big media event at work today. Normally, I would say that the suit of wands doesn’t fit my day job, because it’s more about the money than about the passion, but our tea service is something that I’ve been wanting to see at my work for a while now, and which I’m really excited about. So, I will take the Four of Wands as a sign that the studying I did last night will pay off today, and that the media event will be a big success.

I’m actually about to get ready now and leave. Wish me luck!


Tarot Project: Six of Cups

Did anyone see my retweet yesterday? My last blog post was picked up by a Metaphysics News site and put in their Sports section. Well, cool!

In the Medieval Scapini, the Six of Cups shows six figures bent with age, each next to a cup symbolizing the choices they’ve made in life and where these choices have left them. This is a card of “you reap what you sow.” It can be attached to feelings of nostalgia, and wishing we could redo the past.

I’m not sure how this card will pop up in my day . . . Tomorrow my work has a media event for our new afternoon tea service. Perhaps it is a caution that the work I put in today studying my tea knowledge will either make me ready or lead to errors.

For now, I have work ahead of me. Have a great day friends.

Tarot Project: A Message of Change

Well, my tarot deck threw some cards at me today. A spread of four: Page of Swords, Ace of Cups, Two of Cups, and Five of Wands. Maybe it is of the opinion that I haven’t been listening well enough, and so need some more in-depth guidance?

The Page of Swords, like all Court Cards, can mean an individual, but the Page of Swords can also indicate a message of change. Given the theme of my other readings, I feel like change is what this card is trying to convey today. The Page of Swords also indicates an idealistic person, with lots of plans for new projects and the energy to invest in them. It cautions, though, that life isn’t only made of new projects. A person needs commitment to finish old projects, even despite obstacles.

The Ace of Cups is the font from which water magic flows: emotion, fertility, relationships, creativeness, dreams. It is a card of beginnings and potential.

The Two of Cups represents synergy, the power of multiples working as one, and balance. It is also a card of new beginnings.

Five of Wands is a card of struggles and symbolizes the need to overcome obstacles in pursuit of your passions.

I recently started a new project (as in yesterday). In context of the cards together, I feel that this reading is addressing this new project. It acknowledges that I have a lot of energy for it, but the energy of fresh inspiration won’t last. I think it also cautions that I should balance working on my new project with also working on my old projects, and not neglect things I have already begun.

Okay. It’s good advice, I’ll grant the cards that.

Tarot Project: Four of Cups

I wish I had drawn a card first thing today, because when Philip and I went to take the car to breakfast, the battery was dead. I had left the lights one. I’m curious if the card would have mentioned it.

Today’s pick is the Four of Cups, returning us to the theme of change. The Four of Cups is attached to the feeling of boredom or dissatisfaction. The querent desires a change in life, but may be feeling apathetic. This card suggests introspection and life evaluation.

I picked up a cold earlier this week, so I’m certainly feeling unmotivated. I feel like my deck is telling me to suck it up and get busy anyway. Hey, I’m doing my tarot reading, so I’m not completely lazy, right?

Tarot Project: Seven of Coins

To touch back on yesterday’s card of the inverted Two of Coins, I did not see its effects immediately in yesterday’s events. Normally, I would think that it was indicating I needed to spend more time with family, but I took yesterday off work to have Thanksgiving observed with my family, and it was a lovely day.

Yet, Sunday’s Five of Coins and today’s Seven of Coins seem to share the same theme of struggle. The Seven of Coins is a fraught card. It can mean that a long labor is finally coming to an end, but it can also mean that the reward for all your work was not worth the effort. Combined, these three cards seem to indicate that my dedication may be misplaced, and I am spending my energy in ways that will not make me financially solid.

I have a theory. I have been struggling with my student loan provider, Navient, to reconsider the amount of my monthly payments. Frankly, while I can afford all my other bills, the amount of money they want is beyond my means. I am still paying them what I can, but it is not the full amount. I have applied for income-based payments, but have not received a response yet, and Navient’s customer service has never been great. Well, they are getting sued for cheating their student loan holders. So.

Perhaps the tarot has been referring to that. Maybe I’ll finally hear back about a new payment plan after having reminded them about it. If that is what the Seven of Coins is foretelling, though, I fear that either they will say I don’t qualify, or even the reduced payments will be a stretch for my income.

Tarot Project: Ill-Dignified Two of Coins

First of all, I apologize for not posting the past two days. It is not because I forgot (which is a relief to me). I had time set aside both days for my tarot reading, but once I was up and about events conspired against me. My activities either took longer than expected, or I had unexpected favors come up which took me away from my writing time. They were logistical failures, not failures of the mind.

Second, a reflection upon Sunday’s reading, the Five of Coins. The Five of Coins, as I understand it, is supposed to foretell hardship in regard to finances. This did not happen on Sunday. How do I react to this? Three possible responses come to mind:

  1. Tarot is purely random. In a deck of randomly shuffled cards, some are bound to seem accurate to the reader, while others will of course have no connection, even if the cards have very generalized meanings. The cards don’t really foretell the future, and this shows that. While I can certainly understand anyone who would take this view, it is not my view, mostly because of past experiences I’ve had with tarot.
  2. I was distracted while shuffling. If you are of the opinion that tarot reads a person’s energy, and then translates that energy into divinatory magic, being mentally distracted while shuffling, when you are supposed to be focused solely on the question, can lead to a flawed reading. For example, the two readings I did while I was sick felt a little off to me, though not completely inaccurate, and it could be because my energy was so low and out of whack.
  3. I misread the card. Everything I’ve read on tarot suggests that the Five of Coins means financial hardship; however, there is a distinction between wands and coins that comes into play here. Wands refers to a person’s career if it is something they are passionate about; jobs worked just to have a source of income are actually ruled by coins. With this in mind, the card could have been read as: the reader will experience hardship with finances or at work. Now that definitely did occur; Sunday was a rough day and nothing came easily. I had to stay much later than usual in order to help the bar, who were foundering in the midst of a pre-Timbers rush.

In terms of this project, the third option is the most useful, and, personally, with the revised reading of the card, I think fits really well.

Today’s card is the Two of Coins, inverted. The Two of Coins symbolizes a need for balance. This could be a balance of work and family, or it could be balancing money and bills. There are distractions that can upset the querent’s finances or their ability to  maintain a project or job. The inversion suggests recklessness on the querent’s part. The querent is indulging in the distractions instead of paying attention to the needs of the moment.

Hm. On the heels of the Five of Coins, here’s another one that I’m not sure how to apply to my life. The inability to maintain a project would make me think that this is snarky comment by my deck for not doing a reading for two days (which would so be its style), but as this project is not financial in nature, it should be governed by the suit of wands. I will wait and see how this plays out.

‘I Have Been Writing To Impress Old White Men’

When I attended a lecture by Ursula K. Le Guin, she also spoke about how she wrote for old white men at the beginning of her career, until she reinvented her writing. This article by Watkins is a good read.

Claire Vaye Watkins, acclaimed author of Battleborn and Gold Fame Citrus, presented “On Pandering” during the 2015 Tin House Summer Writers’ Workshop.

Source: ‘I Have Been Writing To Impress Old White Men’